delivery programm

KIENZLE Phototechnik - delivery programm summary

35mm up to 6x7 cm enlarger for hobby and profession,
manual focusing or mechanical autofocus
Professional enlargers 35mm up to 6x9cm, manual and
Professional 4x5” enlargers, wallmount - table - or freestanding
manual of autofocus and powercontrolled
Very interesting: the new low price model C120 enlarger 4x5”
Heavy duty professional enlargers 5x7” and 10x10”, vertical
and horizontal models, wallmount - table - and freestanding as well
as on rails
Light systems for the total range of enlargers as mentioned below:
classic condensor / b+w difusor box / b+w variocontrast multigrade
head, b+w splitgrade / color filterheads / optional digital display and
remote conrtrolled
Custom made lightsystems for other enlargers than Kienzle
Splitgrade variocontrast control system for multigrade paper
on hobby and professional enlargers up to 12x12”
For any enlargers: lenses-lensmounts-filmcarriers-glass inserts etc.
Timers and desitometers also for analyzing and intergrated with
easels up to 23x32” paper size. Custom made darkroom constructions
Repair - service / maintenance - service


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