used autofocus enlargers

 type:Leitz Focomat IIc, black model
 focus system:double autofocus, with lens turret
 negative size: 6 x 9 cm
 negative carrier:1, original Leitz
 lenses:60 + 100 mm
 weight:ca. 40 kg
 upon request:new lenses ( Apo 60+ 100 mm
 Kienzle – Schneider), new colours, multigrade heads,
 automatic splitgrade system ( 100 or 250VA)
 price: EUR 1.500,-

type:Kienzle Primos V 69 II
focus system:double autofocus, single lens
carrier, quick fitting type panel
negative size: 6 x 9 cm
negative carrier:1, with masking strips and
interchangeabel inserts
lenses:60 + 105 mm
weight:ca. 25 kg
upon request: new lenses, new multigrade /colour heads
price:EUR 1.100,-

type:Klatt Primos 6x6 II
focus system:double autofocus + lens turret
negative size:6 x 6 cm
negative carrier: 2
lenses:50 + 75 mm
weight:ca. 15kg
upon request:new Schneider lenses (50+80mm)
new colour, multigrade (black + white) heads,
automatic splitgrade system
price: EUR 950,-


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